Dr X’s recordings from 1992-1993.

Musicians performing in this recording are Jay Stueve (drums and vocals), Keith Wood (Guitar and vocals), Dan Reck (bass) and Jane Updegraff (vocals).  All of these people contributed to the writing of these works and all are included in the copyright of this work registered in 1993, except for “Instrumental” which excludes Jane because there is no vocal line written for it.

It is my recollection that these particular .mp3s are the result of a re-mastering project that was done by Jeff Stueve (Jay’s brother and my former bro-in-law) and perhaps with Jay’s involvement, in the ‘00s at some point when he had the time and inclination.

Download at will, and feel free to burn your own CDs. I don’t recall if a track order was actually decided upon, so put them in whatever order you think makes creative sense.


Alpha order of all tracks:

All I Have To Give

Familiar Lies


January 5

Sign From God

Speak My Name

The Love

The Tide

Who Asked You


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Enjoy !

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