Little Miss Fortune live demo clips from 2004

These clips were recorded at our first show (I know, right? Who records their first show?) at GZ Pete’s in Springfield, Ohio, which was still the Old Town Tavern then (I think) and which is now called something else entirely.

The recording was from the board (hugs to Mick Wiant) and I have no clue what the exact date was. I do know that I was very nervous and fluffed the intro on the very first song which I believe was Barracuda. I had too many beers that night due to my nerves and got a few raised eyebrows from the men, but managed to get through it regardless. Later shows with this lineup were much better in my opinion, and we probably should have recorded a couple of those to pick over for demos instead of this one!

Musicians on these live clips are: Doug McGonigal (drums and vocals), Jerry Pullins (bass and vocals), Rob Mowery (guitar), Darla Northup (keys and vocals), and Jane Updegraff (lead vocals).


Barracuda – Heart – LMF Cover Clip

How Far is Heaven – Los Lobos – LMF Cover Clip

Ice Cream Ma’am (Man) – Van Halen – LMF Cover Clip

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Greenday – LMF Cover Clip

Hard To Handle – Black Crowes – LMF Cover Clip

Anyway You Want It – Journey – LMF Cover Clip

Harder To Breathe – Maroon 5 – LMF Cover Clip

Dream On – Aerosmith – LMF Cover Clip

Ordinary – Train – LMF Cover Clip

Limelight – Rush – LMF Cover Clip


LMF is still kicking in the form of the LMF 2011, currently searching for a singer and keyboardist, as Darla and I are not participating in this incarnation of LMF for several real-life reasons. If you are a singer or keyboardist looking for a gig, see LMF 2011 on Facebook.  

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Enjoy !

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