easter bunnies GRRRR 

I've had a headache non-stop for three days because of all these little golden Lindt bunnies all over the house. They're delicious and velvety and creamy ... and my insulin-resistance means that they make me feel awful. Why can't i resist them?!?!?!?!

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So the men from Reload (reloadcincy.com) called me yesterday and may need me to replace Cindy. Her health has been getting worse. I feel so badly for her! Let's keep it hush hush though, it's not a done deal.
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The ex posted something nifty 

My ex husband posted an entry on a Facebook Dayton Musician's group page that I found thought-provoking. He complains of the lack of "scene" in the area and the ensuing conversation points out that both bands and venues are failing in their promotional duties. Bands arent self-promoting and venues aren't advertising. He's totally right.
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a hallway 

So the hallway where i just painted all the trim is the smallest little section of my house .... it links three rooms and two closets together and the five doors had to be painted, along with the casing and floor base with show molding ... and i also extended my paintign to the baseboard and show molding all around the diningroom since it's connected to this hallway ..... which then led me to decide to refloor the diningroom in hardwood ..... which then made me decide to refloor the bathroom .... which made me decide to get a new bathroom vanity and sink .... and then i decided new doorknobs for all five doors would be a really nice touch. ..... so a simple hallway has become a major project and my back and hands hurt soooooooo badly today!!!
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What a beautiful day! Going to go start the bike.
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