Holy crap, Chloe is back to school! 

Wow, Chloe started 2nd grade this morning. Time really does move quickly with regard to children growing older.... Everything else goes at the same pace, but she grows faster than I ever expected. I am unemployed at the moment, looking for the right job at the right place so that I don't have to do this job hunting thing again.... a girl can dream, right? I've also been thinking of putting a different kind of show together with an acoustic guitarist... A duet thing performing soft rock for the Rick Sylvester circuit... I need the cash, and it would be something I could still do once re-employed. Maybe a Craigslist ad?
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My old house in OND 

This is the Sears & Roebuck catalog page showing the standard version of the kit for the house that i used to own at 174 Grove Avenue in OND. Great Stuff!
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Screaming bunnies 

I've been disturbed lately by my cats attacking the baby bunnies in my yard. Bunnies have the most blood-curdling screams when under attack, it's surreal. You can't stop hearing it even after the screaming stops. And they're so cute and soft and it makes me so sad when Midnight and Fluffheart get a hold of one. Twice this week I had to interrupt their stalkings and rescue a bunny. I think im going to get them collars with bells on them. Give the little guys a chance.
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easter bunnies GRRRR 

I've had a headache non-stop for three days because of all these little golden Lindt bunnies all over the house. They're delicious and velvety and creamy ... and my insulin-resistance means that they make me feel awful. Why can't i resist them?!?!?!?!

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So the men from Reload (reloadcincy.com) called me yesterday and may need me to replace Cindy. Her health has been getting worse. I feel so badly for her! Let's keep it hush hush though, it's not a done deal.
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