Sharepoint is fun 

It's dorky I know, but i am really looking forward to launching the new DSI/DECL SharePoint 2010 server. It's a big project and a change in internal corporate paradigm. My favorite kind of project! Got a book about 3" thick on Server 2008 R2 and another book about 2" thick just about SP 2010 so i am all set for some late night reading.

of course the new file server comes first ..... and tha parts aren't even ordered yet!
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Stage she is a callin 

I have decided to sing again. I know a lot of my friends will be pleased to hear this but it does mean a long hard slog to get my old girl body back into shape. i also need to find a reliable babysitter! Any volunteers?
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oh well 

well, was going to play EQ tonight but got logged in and realized my sore throat was going to be really annoying. logged out of the game and left myself in my guild's ventrilo channel to hear some friendly voices.
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wow that's a lot of road 

I went to four out of the six branches of my company today. Lots of driving and lots of hardware. The sky looked so amazing in Springboro around 1pm, my jaw fell open and i stared up for probably five minutes (fortunately i wasn't driving at the time).
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New Job - And Quiet!!! 

I started my new job today. I was around ADULTS all day, it was uncanny. I didn't tell anyone to take their hat off or put their shirt on and I didn't ONCE have to tell anyone to pipe down or put away their phone. It was really weird. And quiet. I liked it a lot even with the lingering sense of unreality....

new employer linked below ... i am the new techie.
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