you know how sometimes you can't sleep and..... get up and work on some obscure .asp code? I did that last night. glad i did actually. although i didn't fix the problem with the program i was working on, i went to bed and had weird dreams about SQL connection strings. when i woke up, i knew exactly what the problem was, even though i don't have any clue why i knew that from the weird dreams i had, which i could remember without any problem. so i opened the app in another authoring tool, created new connection strings for all the SQL objects that were supposed to be connected, re-saved the whole kit and caboodle, and voila, it worked. two minutes of work to fix something that had bugged me for months. sometimes dreams may not make sense and sometimes you dont know where inspiration comes from, but always follow the gut instinct right when you get it. just like writing music... if you feel it you have to get it on tape RIGHT then or it;s lost forever.
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don't freak out now... 

Yeah I know, two blog posts in as many days... who is this and what has she done with Jane? The cats have relaxed a little. Thank goodness. Midnight woke me up probably a dozen times last night and it's showing on me today. Trying to stay out of sight because the bags under my eyes make it look like i got punched in the face. Twice.
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Poor kitty! 

I feel so sorry for FluffHeart and Midnight. They both had surgery Monday, both were "fixed". Midnight is taking it much harder, being older and a male accustomed to roaming about freely. The pain medication they take is nearly gone now so i hope they are both going to be OK when it's all gone. Haven't been playing EQ much in the past few months and i think i actually let my subscription lapse. How weird! I played that game for nearly 13 years, you would think i would miss it, but I don't. I only miss the people. And i miss them enough that I'm sure I'll revive my account sooner or later. Probably when the expansion goes live this month.....
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lies etc 

I spent most of the spring and summer being deceived, and in each case it was by people I trusted. When someone lies to you, it takes a little bite out of your faith in humanity. So it's wrong to lie for a few reasons. You dont just cause bad feelings between you and the person to whom you have lied, but you cause that other person to actually literally change their view of the world. Let's try really hard to not forget this.
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the weather & my motorcycle 

I've broken out the Suzuki and rode her twice so far this spring, once Sunday and once yesterday evening. Saw a biker at the damn and i couldn't wave because i was at the stop sign and had my hand on the clutch, but i smiled real big and he smiled real big right back. I could tell he was thinking "that lady should be wearing leather not an office sweater" but he was nice enough to smile back anyhow. It's tough keeping the ride at Grammy's house! Can't just hop on whenever.

So here's the thing .... the carburator needs a good cleaning and i have the parts kit to do it, and it can't possibly take more than maybe an hour, but i REALLY should have done it over the winter because now i dont want to take the carb off because the weather is so nice and i just know i'll want to ride it as soon as the carb is off! It's not behaving too badly yet, just needs more air than usual (has a manual choke so i can compensate) so i think I'll just wait until i have an actual garage to work in. :)

The house closing is still set for the 13rth of April but i haven't been able to get my plumbing inspection done. The seller had to fix a toilet valve first and i haven't received word on when that will be done. *sigh*. I've decided to wait for the chimney inspection until the fall when i'll be wanting to fire up the fireplaces.

It's supposed to be high 70s today!!!! Woot!!

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