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This page is both personal and professional, so you have come to the right place to find me for either purpose. But no matter why you are visiting, you are welcome here.

I'm the lead singer (and sometimes bassist) for the rock band Superconductor and co-lead singer for Dayton rock band Crystalfish. I'm also a contract singer for studio or live work in Dayton or Cincinnati. See my sounds page if you would like to hear me. If you are interested in my web designs and would like a quote, examples or references, please email me here.

If you are looking for me for help at work, please use the contact information found at my company's website here. I do some contract programming, so if you are looking for a new front-end for your database or a custom web app, just send a note to my email here.

If you don't know me personally and are wondering who I am, go to the person page linked to the left or just click here. If you want to see what I look like go to the photos, etc.... I think you already know the drill.

› my current bands: Superconductor / Crystalfish

If you are here because you are looking for one of my current bands, please visit my links page or visit http://superconductorband.com or Crystalfish. Superconductor and Crystalfish are currently booking for full night shows. Both of my bands play within a 60 mile radius of Dayton. Superconductor is myself, Pete Kesauer on keys, Greg McClain on guitar, Reed Shroyer on guitar, Dave Wilson on skins and Shannon Baxter is backing me up. Crystalfish is myself on vocals and keys, Dwight Bowden on vocals and rhythm guitar, Michael Hilgeford on lead guitar, Fred Roth on bass, David Wilson on drums, and (as usual!) Shannon Baxter is backing us up. If you are looking for my previous bands, Little Miss Fortune and Simpatico Trio are no longer performing.

Thanks for visiting!


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