› how to reach me for contract services

Send me an email if you want information about my web or front-end designs, contract vocal recording or backing vocal arranging.

› how to reach me for personal reasons

If you know me personally, you already know how to reach me. If you haven't been around for awhile and you want to reconnect just find me on Facebook and send me a message there. I check my FB messages at least once a week.

general public email

If you have no other way to reach me or if you don't know me at all but have a question anyway, just send an email to me using this link. You can also fill out the form here if you have no email  ... it will go to the same address. Because this email address is public, and therefore subject to web crawlers, I have a robust spam filter assigned to this mailbox to keep out the advertisers, so please be aware that your message may not get through. If you get no response at all, you may want to try sending your message from a different address, preferably one that is NOT hotmail, yahoo or gmail, since those are the most frequently filtered domains. My send-Jane-a-form-page sends ALL messages (because it has a human checker) so that might be a good thing to try too.

› contract singing / arranging work

I still do recording and arranging work on a project by project basis. If you are needing a singer for your recording, whether it be lead vocal or backing vocal or if you should need backing vocal arrangement services, just send me a note on facebook or email me.

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