RoT Ventrilo Server Status

Thanks for stopping by the Ring of Truth Ventrilo server status / join page.

Note that in order to join the server, you will need to already have Ventrilo installed and a Ring of Truth or Dark Templars member has to give you the server password. You may obtain the Ventrilo client for your specfic OS among the "client" downloads here. Help with installation is available on the same page. If you are visiting this page you should already have the password but if you have forgotten or do not know, send a /tell in-game to any RoT member.

Once it is installed, if you would like to join our Ventrilo server channels to chat with us during Everquest play, click on the server IP address at the top of the status window below and have the password handy. Clicking the link will set up the server and port automatically and you should be prompted for the password. Once on the server, just double click on the channel you wish to join.

Please be aware that you will be kicked if you do not belong, for instance if you have not been invited and we don't know who you are, so please make sure your handle in Ventrilo is recognizable.

Thanks for visiting our Ventrilo server!

Ventrilo Channel - If you are here to gain access to the Ring of Truth Ventrilo server, please click